Ladders IronSight Player rating system to determine the best and most active players. Players compete for points by playing against each other. Upon completion, winners are determined who are awarded points and prizes.

IronSightIronSight Fast Ladder 5x5 [EU/CIS/RU]

There are no players
IronSight Fast Ladder 5x5 [EU/CIS/RU]
  • Is completed: 5 Jan
  • Prizes: Premium
  • Participants:74 players

IronSightWiple Fast Ladder 5x5 [CIS]

There are no players
Wiple Fast Ladder 5x5 [CIS]
  • Is completed: 29 Jul 2020
  • Prizes:
  • Participants:63 players

IronSightIronSight 5x5

There are no players
IronSight 5x5
  • Is completed: 9 Dec 2019
  • Prizes:
  • Participants:169 players

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Обновлённые правила ладдеров IronSight 5x5
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IronSight Fast Ladder #2 | Info
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How to start playing at tournaments on CSPL?
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Поиск игроков/команды | IronSight
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набор в команду
1 сообщение от pjkaR в 6 Oct 2019
Информация по турниру Open Capture CUP №1
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Ведётся набор, в высокооплачиваемую команду
2 сообщений, последнее от Ангел в 19 Sep
Ищу корешей для игры в команде.Не для туриков
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Ищу команду
1 сообщение от Какадушка в 23 Aug
Проблемы Античита
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Hackers. [dAGestAN]
Captain howa
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WinstonBlue [SOA]
Captain Wakizashi
14 matches
b2c1lov3_LIVE [213]
Captain Mariarti
13 matches
Haunted [HuD]
Captain George's_spell

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